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Affiniti Network Assure

Affiniti Network Assure, provides customers with monitoring, management and technical services required to maintain a highly available network.

Affiniti Network Assure SlickSheet

Affiniti has been in the business of providing complex network designs, implementations, and remote management services for nearly 20 years. Affiniti’s model is based on a collaborative relationship, driven by specific customer requirements.

AIOps and How It Will Transform IT Operations for the Next 10 Years

IT Operations people tend to be, by and large, a cautious bunch. The unstated Rule One of the profession is “if it ain’t broke, don’t touch it”. There are very good reasons for this caution; nobody wants to be hauled up in front of management to explain why the website is down, especially if the reason is tied to upgrading or refactoring something that was working fine or at least acceptably beforehand.

So Why Would I Need a NOC

In the world of complex telecommunications and IT infrastructure, a NOC, Network Operations Center, is a centralized location staffed with a unified group of IT Engineers that supplies 24/7/365 supervision, monitoring, and management of complex networks running a host of mission critical devices.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Network Monitoring

What is network monitoring? To some, it is tracking Internet usage and data packets. To others, it is simply making sure that the computers that need to be up are up. Network monitoring has many great uses across a wide spectrum of businesses. Most noteworthy however is the role of network monitoring as a critical IT function that can save both time and money.

THE IMPACT OF NETWORK OUTAGES - a white paper by Affiniti Network Assure

Do you know the cost of a network outage in your organization?  The real cost of reactive break/fix verses preventative monitoring.